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Age: 28
Height: normal
Weight: normal
Gender: Yes
Hair: darker
Siblings: Yes


the early years 1986 - 2004

I was born in the last years of the GDR. When the wall came down I was a few years old. I finished school regulary, in accordance with the local educational system, after 12 grade with german Abitur.

socializing 2004 - 2005

I refused compulsory military service. At that time it was still duty by law to pass a year there. By denying my duty I had to do an alternative social service, a common strategy. I did mine at an integrative school for mentally and physically handicaped people - a time that really molded me.

learning went on... 2005 - 2013

First I thought of studying Social Work but somehow my appetence for audio and tech was bigger. I missed learning how to play piano so my chances of studying sound engineering tend to zero. At least finished my studies of Media Technology in 2013 in the middle of Germany at the Technical University of Ilmenau and filled shelves in the supermarket during that to get by..

While studying I also worked at the University and did an internship at the Fraunhofer Institute for Digital Media Technology (IDMT) in the field of Audio Coding. This opened the door to my diploma thesis about the parametric coding of electric guitars and gave me first working experience.



I have done a bunch of little jobs in the audio branch beside and have been busy as developing engineer at the University and the IDMT. Right now I am looking for further experiences and challenges. My goal is to combine my musical experience with signal theory and technical know how to create new, useful tools.

If my schedule gives me the freedom to do it, I still like to think about new approaches in the field of audio coding. I also have a bunch of ideas for the web design and applications as well as development of audio-visual systems, just waiting to be realized. State-of-the-art can be seen in the work section.


Apart from the work I try to stay creative and keep my musical activities going. I am a guitar player and autodidactic drummer. Furthermore I like to record, photograph and design. I have some solo stuff going on and, by now, two band projects. Visit the music area for more info.


I am usally not planning further than one year. So offer me something ... I always look for interesting projects, if it sounds right!